Proposed Activities

>> Exchange of Faculty, Research Scholars and Students
>> Panel Discussion and Workshops for engaging with the critical audience on Vietnam Studies in India
>> Hosting of Annual Events such as Conferences/Seminars/Lecture Series
>> Research Projects focused on strengthening India-Vietnam Relations
>> Publication of Monographs and Occasional Papers focused on the theme of India-Vietnam Engagements
>> Publication of Country Report on Vietnam
>> Policy Recommendations to the MEA and other concerned stakeholders
>> The Centre will try to enter into MoU with other institutions (Universities and think-tanks) for the promotion of Vietnam Studies in India
>> Language training could also be provided for the interested students.
>> Annual Newsletter could be published by the Centre to review the state of India-Vietnam relations.

Plan for Activities for the Year 2018-19

The Centre would plan the following activities:

March 2018:
Announcement of the Centre by the President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

April 2018:
Inauguration of the Centre and launch of the Website

May 2018:
Roundtable Discussion on the state of Vietnam Studies in Indian Universities and think tanks and recommendations on promotion of interest among scholars and researchers in India.

July 2018:
One day Conference on India-Vietnam Relations as a follow up of the July 2017 Conference.

September 2018:
Delegation from the Centre for Vietnam Studies, New Delhi to visit Centre for Indian Studies, Hanoi and explore the possibilities of signing MoU and collaborative projects with other institutions in Vietnam such as Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS), Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam (DAV), Vietnam National University (VNU) and others.

October 2018:
Review of the activities of the Centre

Nov / Dec 2018:
Publication of the Newsletter of the Centre for the year 2018

January 2019:
One day Conference on India-Vietnam Relations as a follow up of the January 2018 Conference.

Feb / March 2019:
Publication of the Monograph/Country Report on Vietnam


It is a platform for the scholars in India for the study of India-Vietnam relations.