The Centre for Vietnam Studies is timely as it aims to undertake a comprehensive assessment of the relationship with one of India's most important and enduring strategic partners in Southeast Asia - Vietnam. Some of the major issues to be covered under the broad rubric of India-Vietnam relations by the Centre for Vietnam Studies could be as below:
1. Vietnam in India's Foreign Policy
2. India-Vietnam Historical and Cultural Linkages.
3. India-Vietnam Relations and the Changing Geo-politics of the Indo-Pacific
4. Political and Diplomatic Engagements between India and Vietnam
5. Value-chain and Development Partnership between India-Vietnam- ASEAN
6. Security, Defence and Strategic Concerns in India-Vietnam Relations
7. Trade-Commerce and Connectivity Concerns
8. Science & Technology, Culture and Education in India-Vietnam Relations
9. Energy Security and Maritime Cooperation in India-Vietnam Relations
10. Traditional and Non-traditional Security Issues in India-Vietnam Relations


It is a platform for the scholars in India for the study of India-Vietnam relations.